Anti-Bullying Day 14.11.17

 As part of national Anti-Bullying Week we took part in a special day at St John’s to raise awareness of bullying and how to overcome it.

Our day began with a Service lead by the Anti-Bullying Ambassadors. They shared the national theme – All Different, All Equal and illustrated it through role play, games and Bible readings.

Each class followed up on the Service by making giant jigsaw puzzles showing how each person is unique but a vital part of their class. We put these puzzles out in the hall and showed our families at the end of the day.

We will now remember that we are all different, all special and each have a part to play to make our school the special place that we know it is.



On Tuesday 3 October 2017 Hawks Base visited the Bristol Museum. This is Hawks 2’s account of their school trip.

First of all we were late because there was an accident on the motorway. We had to wait in the classroom for a very long time.  But soon we arrived safely at the museum.

First we went into the Egyptian gallery to look at the statues. Then we saw a little statue of Tutankhamun’s death mask and looked at the mummies. Charlotte’s favourite bit was the jewellery. Next we saw toys that ancient Egyptian children would have played with. This was Tilly’s favourite bit.

After the Egyptian gallery we went to a workshop. We watched a video about Amelia Edwards who was an Egyptologist and she gave lots of artefacts to the Bristol Museum. We had to handle artefacts, solve clues and work out which part of Egypt things came from. We had to wear special gloves as the objects were fragile.

Everyone was starving and ready for lunch because it was later than normal. We had lunch all together in a little room and we sat on benches instead of chairs.

We used passports to visit the Pliosaurus exhibition. We saw Doris a huge pliosaur. We met a man called Josh who answered our questions. After that we went to a room where there was a skeleton of Doris and some fossil poo. We tested our bite force with our strength on a machine. There were buttons to press to make Doris’s heart beat and eyes move. And finally there were some games to play.

Then it was time to go back to school. We got on the coach and we played games and sang songs. Some people fell asleep and sadly some people felt sick. There was lots of traffic and we got stuck in it so we were late back to school.

We really enjoyed our trip to the Bristol Museum and we would love to go back.

By Hawks 2