St. John the Evangelist Church School | Physical Education (PE)
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In PE children develop their physical competence and confidence as well as their ability to perform in a range of activities such as gymnastics, games, dance, athletics and swimming. PE provides opportunities for children to be creative, competitive and to tackle challenges as individuals, groups and in teams. It also promotes positive attitudes towards active and healthy lifestyles. Children in Key Stage 2 also have swimming lessons for half a term. We are committed to ensuring all pupils have access to a fantastic PE education, and are also committed to ensuring impact on pupil outcomes and experiences through judicious use of the PE premium.

Our P.E. strategy can be found here: PE Expenditure Plan and Review 2018-19

PE is taught for 2 hours lessons per week –A broad range of activities is now being offered, including football, netball, hockey, and athletics, cross-country and through the gym apparatus. We also have the support of a professional dance teacher who comes into school weekly and works across all year groups. We employ specialist sports coaches who work alongside teachers to ensure P.E. lessons are delivered to a high standard.

Lessons are progressive and skills have been mapped across the year groups, using the Rising Stars “Champions” resources. There are 6 units for each year group, with each unit having two parts – one for ‘Sports’ and one for ‘Fitness’. Each of these has six lessons which are taught in each term. As we have mixed year groups, years 1, 3 and 5 are taught one year and years 2, 4 and 6 are taught the following year. There are also class based lessons and resources that are used to link with various aspects of health and fitness to provide a whole child and cross curricular approach to the teaching of PE.

All PE lessons aim to be active, fun, challenging and developmental. There is support given to children who find tasks difficult and extended learning for gifted and talented pupils. There are increasing opportunities for all children to compete in inter house competitions and also play matches and participate in tournaments and festivals with other schools.

From Year 3 onwards each child has 5 sessions of swimming lessons per year. Children who are attaining below the expected level are given extra lessons.
There is also a range of sports clubs available at lunchtime and after school to support the PE curriculum.