St. John the Evangelist Church School | Modern Foreign Languages (MFL)
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St John the Evangelist Church School


At St John the Evangelist Church School we have chosen to teach French in Key Stage 2 as our modern foreign language, using the “Salut” scheme of work as a basis for our learning.

Children develop their speaking and listening skills as well as understanding the structure of French as a language. They practise and strive to improve the accuracy of their pronunciation and intonation as they speak. They read and then write about a wide range of topics including about themselves, their families, animals, food and school. Thematic vocabulary is introduced and used to build phrases and short sentences; links with previous learning are then exploited to build longer phrases and sentences.

Children look at the etymology of French words and spot similarities with familiar English words.

Children are encouraged to respect and have an awareness of cultural and language differences.