November 2019 – Hawks 1

This term in history, Hawks Base have been continuing to learn about the ancient Egyptians and had lots of fun on the Egyptian day on their first week of Term 2.  They have also been learning about Egyptian pharaohs and created these fantastic headdresses by using multi-media and designing their own headdresses using pastels.

October 2019 – Kites 1


This term in Science, Kites Base have been learning all about growing. We have looked at and labelled the parts of a plant, learned about what plants need to grow and stay healthy, and looked at the life cycle of different plants and flowers.

We also had great fun growing our own plants! We started with beans and these grew so well that some even reached 50cm high! We are now planting sunflowers and we have our fingers crossed that they will grow well.

September 2019 – Owls Base

We have been busily settling into school, making new friends, sharing lots of stories and enjoying lots of ‘firsts’.  Some of our first classroom visitors included a very talkative starling, an enormous golden eagle and a beautiful barn owl.  Then, in readiness for the exhibition of learning, we used sharp tools to craft some gorgeous clay owls of our own which we proudly displayed with our writing.

We demonstrated our confidence in our new surroundings acting as tour guides for our parents who joined us for a private ‘timed-tour’.  Then, to celebrate Grandparents’ Day, we invited our wonderful grandparents to join us for a cosy story and song at the end of the day.