The Friends of St. John’s are a registered charity (and part of the NCPTA) that work alongside the school. Everyone whose child attends the school and all those who work within school automatically become members of the Friends Association.

They raise money for additional resources to benefit pupils during their time at St. John’s school.  These resources are chosen by pupils and staff at the school.


For 2021-22 the Friends funds have been used to purchase all the resources to set up Forest School, Christmas gifts for each class, disco lights, bubble and smoke machine, fund towards books for an updated group reading scheme.

New ideas are always welcome and we appreciate any help you can offer.


Our main events are a Christmas Fair in December and a Summer fair in June.

Committee Membership 2022-23

Co-Chair – Lucy Price

Co-Chair – Emma Purnell-Harding

Secretary – Lauren Vowles

Treasurer – Alex Herbert

Committee Members –

Kate Clark

Katie Curtis

Step Muston

Kater McLintock

Kathryn McManus

Lindsay Clarke

Jen Stirling