Children who are clearly unwell should not be sent to school.  North Somerset Education Department stipulate that children should not be sent back for a full 48 hours after any sickness.

Those who are sent back too early are likely to make a slower recovery and may pose a health risk to others.

In the event of absence please follow the procedure below:

  • Please report any pupil absence by telephone as early as possible (by 09:30) and leave a message on the absence line, or call at the school office/E-mail.
  • If the school has had no notification of absence from you at all by 10:00 they may contact you.
  • If your child remains unwell, please update the school office on day 3.

If pupils have a medical appointment please present the appointment card/letter to the school office.

Please inform the school office of any allergies and ensure this is kept up to date.

Medicines in School

If your child needs medicine during the school day, you (or a nominated adult) are able to bring medicines into school to give to your child.

Use of asthma inhalers will be supported by staff and children will be encouraged to be involved in their own treatment. Inhalers for Year 4 – 6 will be kept in the child’s classroom.

Parents of children on long-term medication or those with long-term medical conditions should see the Head teacher so that appropriate arrangements can be made.

Please note medicines does include cough sweets.


The health Protection Agency has launched an e-Bug pack and website activities to raise awareness of respiratory hygiene and antibiotic awareness among school children.

The e-Bug website is packed with children’s interactive games, all the package materials and lesson extensions for schools. e-Bug is a web based school resource package covering micro organisms, the spread and prevention of infection and antibiotic use.

Health Team

The School Health Nursing Team provides support and advice on health issues and links to other services, working in partnership with schools, parents, children and other professionals providing a service for all children.

National Child Measurement Programme (NCMP)

The NCMP is a joint initiative between the Department for Children, Schools & Families (DCSF) and the Department of Health (DH).

It is part of a shared programme of work to improve children’s health and wellbeing. The school Nursing Team will be visiting school during this academic year to weigh and measure children in Year 6 and Reception.

Parents will receive a letter about this nearer to the time that the School Nursing Team will be visiting, which will give more information about the NCMP.

Wellspring Wellbeing Support

Links:    Anxiety     Low Mood   Parenting    Fears & Worries    Well Being Support


NHS Direct

Department of Health